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The People’s Steak Club

As you know, we’ve been making our first forays into the wonderful world of pop-up restaurants and enjoying it immensely. In the next instalment, on Wednesday 6th August, The People’s Supermarket teamed up with one of London’ finest purveyors of quality beef, Alexander Pashby of Tongue ‘n Cheek & The BeefSteaks to hold the first People’s Steak Club.

We met Alex through a shared love of high-quality, locally sourced and sustainable food and there we forged our plan. The aim was to democratise the idea of the old London steak club, keeping the social aspect while making it more affordable. The menu was decadence itself. The company was of the finest class and the evening was a rousing success.

Many thanks go to Alex and his team, our dedicated members & staff who pulled the whole thing together and of course everyone who came along to chow down on one of the finest meals we’ve seen. Thank you also to Aleko Ironside for taking these wonderful pictures for you all to see – we hope to have another one very soon so keep you eyes peeled.

Project Details

  • Date: Sep 2014
  • Client: The People's Supermarket
  • Project URL: View Project