TPS needs you

We Love Our Members

Our members are what makes us special.

No matter who you are or where you come from, The People’s Supermarket has a place for you.

So if you’re interested in becoming a member, whether you would like to volunteer in the store, have a particular skill or idea to offer or would just like to be part of something GOOD then read on to find out how…




An Introduction to Membership @ The People’s Supermarket

Below you will find some important details about what it entails to become a member

Before you join

To join TPS, members pay an annual fee of £25 and are required to volunteer for 4 hours each month either in the store or café. Members who complete their shift each month are entitled to 20% off their shopping in-store. There are a few exclusions (cigarettes and alcohol).

We are very flexible about how members complete their hours; you can split your time and do one hour a week for four weeks, or four hours in a single shift once a month. See ‘Shift Information’ for details of what you could do on your shift.

Before becoming a member, everyone is asked to join an Induction Meeting. They are held every 2-3 weeks and aim to introduce you to the store, who we are, how we work, and so on. Reading through this website will help too.

What Can I Do?

With plenty of options in and around the store and café, everyone is welcome at TPS. You don’t need any particular experience; just be keen and reliable, give us 4 hours each month and we’ll find a role for you.

Interested in cooking? You could assist one of our hardworking chefs. And if you already have some experience with food preparation, there might be options to cook or bake for the store.

Retired, Unemployed or a Student? If you have flexible hours and availability, we need members to serve or assist at our external catering contracts which often take place during working hours.

Limited mobility? No problem – the shop floor has step free access, and with till training you could be serving our lovely customers.

Busy local worker or hectic parent? Pop in before work or give us one lunch hour a week, and your hours will quickly be covered, while you’ll enjoy your 20% discount all month.

And for people who just want to be part of something good, with whatever time you have available, you could help stock the shelves, assist our membership team with mail-outs, help organise the monthly meeting, help keep the store and office clean, do some PR, man the tills or organise an event of your own to help raise the profile and income of the store. You won’t be asked to haul heavy loads, so don’t worry if you’re not the fittest! And if you have any special skills that you think we could use, we would love to hear your ideas!

Sign-up sheets for the Induction meetings are held in store, so pop in anytime!

Our induction dates for the remainder of the year are listed below:

  • Saturday September 27 @ 10am
  • Saturday October 25 @ 10am
  • Saturday November 29 @ 10am

Please email for more details on how to book an induction.







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